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Welcome to the Interactive Ontario Industry Freelancer Directory! 

Finding local talent fast to support our projects and growing businesses can be time consuming and difficult, but Ontario is home to talented creatives in all areas of art and design, development, production, marketing, administration, management and more. The Interactive Ontario Freelancer Directory connects freelancers who are Interactive Ontario members to Video Game/ Interactive Digital Media companies looking to grow their teams.

If you are an experienced freelancer who can support Video Game/ Interactive Digital Media development and would like to learn more about how to become a member, please email

This directory was created with support from Ontario Creates and Telefilm.

Use the search bar to narrow your results using keywords that Freelancers use in their describing Services and Expertise. We are just getting started, if you know qualified freelancers please them know we are here to help them connect to business. You can send questions or feedback to Thank you!

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